50 Rallye de Ferrol Office

Official Bulletin Board Permanently: On the official Rallye website: www.rallyeferrol.com RALLYE OFFICE From 1 June 2019 to 16 July 2019, from 19:00 to 21:00, at the offices of: Organiser: Escudería A. Ferrol Address: Avda. Castelao, s/n “Casa do Deporte”. Location: 15406 Ferrol (A Coruña) Telephone: 676 85 79 09 E-mail: escuderiaferrol@escuderiaferrol.com E-mail for registration: inscripciones@escuderiaferrol.com … Continue reading →50 Rallye de Ferrol Office

50 Rally de Ferrol Description

The Escudería Ferrol organizes the 50th Rally of Ferrol, to be held on 19 and 20 July. The 50 Rallye Ferrol will be scoring, in addition to the Championships and Cups established in Article 1.7 of the Sports Regulations of the Championship of Spain Rally 2019, for the following trophies: Suzuki Swift Cup Beca U24 … Continue reading →50 Rally de Ferrol Description

Hotels recommended by organizers

HOTEL CARRÍS ALMIRANTE María, 2 – 15402 Ferrol A Coruña Tel: +34 981 325 311 – Fax: +34 981 328 449 www.carrishoteles.com/ HOTEL HESPERIA FERROL Estrada de Castela, 75 – 15403 Ferrol A Coruña Tel. 981 330 226 – Fax: 981 330 228 www.hesperia-ferrol.com HOTEL MARCIAL Río Pereiro, 6-8 – 15178 Narón A Coruña Tfno: … Continue reading →Hotels recommended by organizers

TC Plus

The stage plus will be the TC-10 of the Rally , 9.24 km long, and will be disputed according to the provisions of Art. 34.21 of the CERA 2019 Sports Regulations.

Shakedown/TCC of 50 Rallye de Ferrol

A special Qualification Test (TCC) for priority drivers will be held on Friday 19 July 2019. This test will be played on a road similar to those used in the timed sections of the rallye and will also serve to carry out the Shakedown for the rest of the teams that sign up for it. … Continue reading →Shakedown/TCC of 50 Rallye de Ferrol

50 Rallye de Ferrol Service Park

A single Service Park is planned to be located at the FIMO Fairgrounds. This park will also be used during the development of Shakedown. Date Time Act Thursday 18/07/19 10:00 11:00 11:00 A 22:00 Service vehicle accreditations Service Park Opening Authorized entry of Service cars Friday 19/07/19 12:00 Hour limit for entry of large vehicles … Continue reading →50 Rallye de Ferrol Service Park

50 Rallye de Ferrol Reconnaissance

The reconnaissance will be carried out in accordance with the CERA 2019 Sports Regulations. Date Time Act Tuesday 16/07/19 17:00 to 20:00 Collection of documentation and GPS recognitions (optional) RALLYCAR C/Parish of Guísamo, Plot A2 Nave 7 16165 Bergondo Wednesday 17/07/19 09:00 A 13:00 Collection of documentation and GPS recognitions RALLYCAR C/Parish of Guísamo, Plot … Continue reading →50 Rallye de Ferrol Reconnaissance

How to get to Rallycar

The delivery of documentation to the pilots will be made in the facilities of Rallycar. These are the indications to arrive: From Ferrol. – Exit Ferrol on the AP-9 motorway in the direction of Coruña. – Leave the motorway, turning off at Exit 2F-A which indicates: GUISAMO, BETANZOS. – After passing the tollbooth, continue on … Continue reading →How to get to Rallycar

Documents for Entrants

Tire Declaration: https://www.rfeda.es/documents/20185/983859/CERA+2019+ANEXO+12+DECLARACION+NEUMATICOS.pdf Request for Joker tyres: https://www.rfeda.es/documents/20185/983859/CERA+2019+ANEXO+12+SOLICITUD+NEUMATICOS+COMODIN.pdf Equipment sheet for participants: https://www.rfeda.es/fichas-equipamiento-seguridad Reminder for participants https://www.rfeda.es/documents/20185/983859/CERA+2019+ANEXO+12+RECORDATORIO+CONCURSANTES.pdf TYPE STATEMENT The procedure for declaring the tyres to be used shall be as follows: 1. Each team must present the attached template, called “TIRE DECLARATION”, completed in its entirety prior TO EXITING EACH SECTION and when the … Continue reading →Documents for Entrants

50 Rallye de Ferrol Entries

The closing of entries registration will take place at 20.00 hours of the day 10 July 2019 . Entries registration must be made on-line via the RFEdeA website. http://rfeda.fedeauto.info/ The maximum number of entries is set at 80 vehicles . If this figure is exceeded, the selection will be made in accordance with the CERA … Continue reading →50 Rallye de Ferrol Entries