The 52 Ferrol-Suzuki Rally will provide participation benefits for teams that meet these conditions:

  • Register before August 1, 2021.
  • Not having participated in more than one rally of the S-CER 2021.
  • Do not participate in a National Promotion Cup.


 € 95  discount on the registraron fee. 


Shakedown FREE.


Special prices for your purchases of material in Rallycar:

 OMP Equipment
 ENDLESS Brake pads


If you participate in category H “Historical” or in the Deputación da Coruña Trophy, you will have a discount of € 100 * in the registration of the Rally Rías Altas 2021. * Not combinable with other promotions or discounts of the Rally Rías Altas Rally.


Independent Classification with Awards for Rally4 / R2 and 2RM vehicles