With the main objective of preserving the health of all, and as a complement to the SANITARY PROTOCOL FOR SECTORAL REINFORCEMENT OF THE SPANISH AUTOMOBILISM FEDERATION, the Escudería A. Ferrol will promote a series of specific measures in the organization of the 52 Rallye Ferrol-Suzuki , among which is the REGISTRY of all the team members.

All people related to the rally, both participants, security personnel, stewards, the media, and all the organization’s personnel, must register electronically to obtain an accreditation (QR Code) that allows them to access the service area and rally HQ.

In addition, this registry will allow the organizer to fulfill his obligation to be able to locate all the people involved in the test in the event of a positive case.

If you are a team component, click on the following link and you will be provided with a QR Code that you can always carry on your mobile phone and with which you can access the service area and parc fermé: