The fiftieth edition of the Rally Ferrol will mean a great diffusion of the test at national and international level.

The Escudería A. Ferrol has redoubled its efforts so that this new edition of the rally gets the widest possible dissemination. With its inclusion in the TOUR EUROPEAN RALLY (TER) has added an added value that comes to join the great impact of the Spanish Rally Championship.

On this occasion the test will feature a live TV broadcast of the last leg of the rally, which is also the TC Plus and gives extra points to the top three finishers. The TVG will be in charge of putting it on the air through its channel dedicated to sports: TVG2. It will be on the afternoon of Saturday, July 20.

In addition, the summary of each of the stages can be seen at the end of each of them through the YouTube channel: []. The companions of TV will give us full information, as they do in all CERA tests, on Friday and Saturday nights.

In TVE TDP will be on Thursday 25 when we can see the Racing For Spain program with the summary of the test.

At the international level, the collaboration between the TER and TV Motorvision will bring news and summary of the test to more than 30 channels and a reach of more than one hundred countries around the world. Some of these channels are: Samsung TV Plus, Sky, Sky Net, Amazon Video, Discover Digital, Sport 1, Orange Channels, TELEKOM, NOS, Telecom Slovenja, CPU, Vodafone TV, True Vision, PrimeTel, etc.

In addition, the test will feature live radio broadcasting with exclusive and uninterrupted programming from the start to the end of the rally. Cadena Dial will again be the station that retransmits on 98.5 FM and via streaming through the rally website, with which it can be heard anywhere in the world.

The on-line classifications will be able to make all the information instantly available to the fans, and they can be consulted through the rally website:; from the web: or from the RFEDA APP: RALLYES RFEDA.

The newspaper La Voz de Galicia will prepare and distribute a special about the Rally on the day before the race with all the information for the fans and the general public. It will make a live coverage of the test with all the information on its website, and an extensive summary of the test in its Sunday edition.