The golden weddings of Ferrol’s Rally take time to prepare, but at this moment engines start with the opening of the registration period.

From today and until July 10, 2019 will cover the thirty days in which all teams wishing to participate in this special edition of the Rally Ferrol must make their registration. The registration must be made through the rally website or directly on the website of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation

The rally, which in addition to being eligible for the Spanish Rally Championship will also be on this occasion for the European Rally Tour (TER Series), will consist of two stages that will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July. On Friday afternoon the participants will have to cover a total of sixty-four kilometers of time divided into four sections. The longest part with six special stages that will total ninety-one kilometers will be on Saturday.

Once again, the nerve center of the event will be located in the FIMO Exhibition Center, with the center of the city of Ferrol [Avenida de Esteiro] the great protagonism of the Exit Ceremony, the Night Closed Park and the Final Podium with the Ceremony of Awards and Trophies.

A large registration is expected, which is limited by regulation to eighty participants. The Suzuki Swift Cup will be one of the biggest attractions of the event, with its many participants. Of course, the R5 category will have the main candidates for the title and those who will join some foreign pilots.

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary, the Escudería A. Ferrol wants to help and promote the most legendary vehicles, offering a reduced registration price for all the teams included in the “Historic” category. These teams will be compensated with a € 95 Voucher to make purchases in Rallycar, and a bonus of € 100 in the registration of the Rías Altas 2019 Rally. The winner of the “Historic” category will have as a prize the free registration in the Rally Rías Altas 2019.

In addition, all pilots domiciled in the Ferrolterra region (except those described in the previous paragraph) and who have not participated in another CERA test in 2018 or 2019, will also be rewarded with a € 95 voucher to make purchases in Rallycar.

All the information about the rally is already being updated on the web as well as on social networks and available to all fans.