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11 Aug 2020

Recce Guide of 51 Rallye de Ferrol

To facilitate the recess of the 51 Ferrol-Suzuki Rally, a Guide is provided with recommendations and the shortest routes to travel between special stages. Its use is very easy and intuitive through Google Maps with any mobile phone, tablet or electronic device.

Click to download the recognition guide for the 51 Rally de Ferrol-Suzuki in PDF format.


***IMPORTANT NOTE: *** :The document will NO be delivered in printed format.


22 Jun 2020

51 Rally de Ferrol Description

The Escudería Ferrol organizes the 51th Rally of Ferrol, to be held on 21 and 22 August.

The 51 Rallye Ferrol will be scoring, in addition to the Championships and Cups established in Article 1.7 of the Sports Regulations of the Championship of Spain Rally 2020, for the following trophies:

  • Suzuki Swift Cup

Total distance: 389,85 Kms.
Total number of timed sections: 9
Total distance of timed sections: 126,30 Kms.
Number of sections: 4
Number of stages: 2
Number of stages to recognize: 5

Are admitted to participate and score in the Rallye vehicles described in Annex 8 of the Sports Regulations of the Championship of Spain Asphalt Rally 2020.

The delivery of Trophies will take place in the podium, located in the Final Closed Park (Avenida de Esteiro), in accordance with the stipulated in Article 12 of Annex 7 of the Sports Regulations of the Championship of Spain Rallyes. The presence of the two members of the team is obligatory.
In addition to these trophies, the Organizer will deliver the following:

  • To the first 3 classified of the Suzuki Swift Cup
  • To the first 3 classified of the Tour European Rally
19 May 2020

51 Rallye de Ferrol Office

Official Bulletin Board

  • Permanently: On the official Rallye website:

From 13 July 2020 to 19 August 2020, from 19:00 to 21:00, at the offices of:

Organiser: Escudería A. Ferrol
Address: Avda. Castelao, s/n “Casa do Deporte”.
Location: 15406 Ferrol (A Coruña)
Telephone: 676 85 79 09
E-mail for items related to registration:

The Permanent Office of the Rally, from day 20 of August of 2020, in schedule adjusted to the Program-Hourly of the rally, will be located in:
Location: FIMO Exhibition Centre
Address: Punta Arnela – Trade Fair
Location: Ferrol
Telephone: 676 85 79 09
E-mail for items related to registration:

Except for events in the Schedule, the opening hours of the Permanent Office shall be as follows:

Mornings: 09:00 to 13:30 hours
Afternoons: from 17:00 to 20:00 hours

Participants must be in contact with the Permanent Office and the website of the Rally in order to have knowledge of the publication of eventual Information Bulletins.

19 May 2020

TC Plus

The stage plus will be the TC-9 of the Rally , 9.24 km long, and will be disputed according to the provisions of Art. 34.21 of the CERA 2020 Sports Regulations.

19 May 2020

Shakedown/TCC of 51 Rallye de Ferrol

A special Qualification Stage (TCC) for priority drivers will be held on Friday 21 August 2020. This test will be played on a road similar to those used in the timed sections of the rallye and will also serve to carry out the Shakedown for the rest of the teams that sign up for it.

Although these events are organised in accordance with the rules laid down in Art. 23 of the CERA 2020 Sports Regulations, it is recommended that the following particularities be taken into account:

Within the established schedule, the registered participants will be able to give the number of passes that they consider opportune.

Qualification Stage (TCC).
In accordance with Art. 3.1.5 of the CERA 2020 Sports Regulations, the Route Card for pilots participating in the TCC, will be given to them in their first pass by Shakedown.

Tyres used in the Qualification Stage (TCC) must comply with the rules of the CERA 2020 Sports Regulations, and will not be computed for the maximum limit of tires allowed in the test.

Once the TCC is over, the vehicles must be driven to the planned Parc Fermé, which will be located in the Service Zone at the FIMO Exhibition Centre and will remain there until it opens. Any assistance to vehicles from the end of the TCC until their arrival at the Parc Fermé is forbidden.

Registration fees
Both the teams that must carry out the Section of Qualification as those who wish to carry out the shakedown must apply by completing the section provided for that purpose in the registration form (via web). The amount of registration fees to Shakedown is set at 200 euros accepting the optional advertising of the Organizer. If such advertising is not accepted, the amount of registration fees will be 400 euros. These rights include participation in the TCC for those teams obliged to do so.





Wednesday 12/08/20
Shakedown, Closing Entries
Friday 21/08/20
10:00 to 10:30
10:30 to 12:00
12:15 to 12:45
Publication of list of participants and time of presentation in the C.H. of the TCC
Shakedown ALL TEAMS
Qualification Stage (TCC)
Publication Final Classification TCC
Parc Fermé Opening TCC and Choice of starting order for the 1st Stage


The information corresponding to the section of road chosen as Shakedown will be given during the delivery of documentation to the registered teams. The length of the chosen section is 3,170 Km.

Assistance zone:
The Service Area area planned for Shakedown is the same as for the rest of the rally.