19 May 2020

51 Rallye de Ferrol Entries

The closing of entries registration will take place at 14.00 hours of the day 12 August 2020 .

Entries registration must be made on-line via the RFEdeA website.


The maximum number of entries is set at 80 vehicles . If this figure is exceeded, the selection will be made in accordance with the CERA Sports Regulations.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.14 of the CDI.

The entries fees are fixed at:

  • With the advertising proposed by the organizer 495.00 € (+VAT)
  • Without the advertising proposed by the organizer 990,00 € (+VAT)

The entries fees for the Shakedown are set at:

  • With the advertising proposed by the organizer 200,00 € (+VAT)
  • Without the advertising proposed by the organizer 400,00 € (+VAT)

Other rights:

  • Additional assistance plates 150,00 € (+VAT)
  • Ouvreur (priority pilots only) 300,00 € (+VAT)

Entries must be made through the RFEDA web application, in compliance with the provisions of Annex 7, before the closing time for entries, and the entry fee must be paid through this application.

The application will not be accepted:

  • If entries fees were not paid.
  • If it is not completed in all its sections.
  • If the number of the Homologation Card of the registered vehicle is not indicated on the card.

Entries fees will be fully refunded:

  • A applicants whose application was rejected.
  • In case the competition does not take place.

The organiser may refund up to 75 % of the entries fees to competitors who, for duly verified reasons of force majeure, are unable to attend the competition.