Tour European Rally 2020

The 51 Rallye de Ferrol will be scored for the Tour European Rally 2020. All participants who wish to register for this event must do directly by filling this form: It should be sent, together with two photos (driver + co-driver) to: The Tour European Rally 2020 regulations can be found at:  Terseries 2020 … Continue reading →Tour European Rally 2020

How to get to Rallycar

The delivery of documentation to the pilots will be made in the facilities of Rallycar. These are the indications to arrive: From Ferrol. – Exit Ferrol on the AP-9 motorway in the direction of Coruña. – Leave the motorway, turning off at Exit 2F-A which indicates: GUISAMO, BETANZOS. – After passing the tollbooth, continue on … Continue reading →How to get to Rallycar

Documents for Entrants

Tire Declaration: Request for Joker tyres: Equipment sheet for participants: Reminder for participants TYPE STATEMENT The procedure for declaring the tyres to be used shall be as follows: 1. Each team must present the attached template, called “TIRE DECLARATION”, completed in its entirety prior TO EXITING EACH SECTION and when the … Continue reading →Documents for Entrants