TC Plus

The stage plus will be the SS-8 of the Rally , 10.63 km long, and will be disputed according to the provisions of Art. 34.21 of the S-CER 2021 Sports Regulations.

Shakedown/TCC of 52 Rallye de Ferrol

A special Qualification Stage (TCC) for priority drivers will be held on Friday 20 August 2021. This test will be played on a road similar to those used in the timed sections of the rallye and will also serve to carry out the Shakedown for the rest of the teams that sign up for it. … Continue reading →Shakedown/TCC of 52 Rallye de Ferrol

Recce Guide of 52 Rallye de Ferrol

To facilitate the recess of the 52 Rally Ferrol-Suzuki, a Guide is provided with recommendations and the shortest routes to travel between special stages. Its use is very easy and intuitive through Google Maps with any mobile phone, tablet or electronic device. Click to download the recognition guide for the 52 Rally de Ferrol-Suzuki in PDF … Continue reading →Recce Guide of 52 Rallye de Ferrol

Registration of Participants

With the main objective of preserving the health of all, and as a complement to the SANITARY PROTOCOL FOR SECTORAL REINFORCEMENT OF THE SPANISH AUTOMOBILISM FEDERATION, the Escudería A. Ferrol will promote a series of specific measures in the organization of the 52 Rallye Ferrol-Suzuki , among which is the REGISTRY of all the participants. … Continue reading →Registration of Participants